Sarah Lane

Vice President of Original Content for Comic-Con HQ, Lionsgate Entertainment

Sarah Lane

Vice President of Original Content for Comic-Con HQ, Lionsgate Entertainment


Sarah Lane is the Vice President of Original Content for Comic-Con HQ at Lionsgate Entertainment. Hey previous job was running video at TechCrunch.

One of Sarah’s first jobs was segment producing in San Jose, CA, for a TV show called New Media News. In those years the first internet bubble had not yet burst, and she spent a large chunk of her time interviewing 25-year old CEOs about their Next Big Things. Sarah would like to say that during these interviews she had the incredible foresight to see through all of their fatally flawed business models, but that would be a bit of an embellishment.

As the Senior Segment Producer for a computer-centric show called “The Screen Savers” at TechTV in San Francisco, Sarah’s daily subject matter got her hooked on all things geeky. Ok, maybe not all things. But many things. Many things geeky. Anyway, after a couple of years, Sarah moved into an on-camera position, which gave her the ability to share her many things geeky with a very large audience while wearing lipstick and eyeshadow.

In 2004, Sarah migrated south to Los Angeles to work for G4 and was the first female co-host of the network’s daily live variety hour “Attack of the Show!” She lived in Santa Monica and ate a lot of Mexican food and occasionally wore hair extensions and false eyelashes on the set. LA was fun.

In 2006, Sarah took a year off from her career to travel through Greece, Turkey, Russia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, India, Brazil, and Argentina. This was all before Twitter and stuff, but she did maintain a really wordy travelogue featuring videos, photos, and stories.

In the summer of 2007, a couple of Sarah’s former co-workers from TechTV asked her to join the team at Revision3, an emerging online television network. She accepted the Director of Production position and began building out a production team, a state of the art HD studio, and creating and acquiring new, exciting programming. Sarah also created, wrote, and hosted popSiren, a quirky, fast-paced and educational show highlighting the very best of modern pop/web culture.

In February 2009, Sarah joined the team at Current, a cross-platform media company (read: TV and web) as a Host, Online Producer, and Editor of the Current Tech channel, producing original video and written content, and staying on top of everything new, interesting, and just plain fun for her beloved tech community. During her time at Current, Sarah also taught herself to use Final Cut Pro to edit her own videos, which not only allowed her to fully realize her all-in-one-production-machine potential, but also helped her realize that editors are basically magicians who deserve a lot more credit than they get from clueless producers (she should know, having been clueless for many years).

During her stint at Current, Sarah also hosted a popular weekly live streaming/downloadable podcast, “This Week in FUN” with longtime colleague and friend Martin Sargent on, where she was also a weekly contributor on web-centric podcast net@night with Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur.

In June of 2010, Sarah joined TWiT full-time. She produced, hosted, and edited various live shows across the network, including iPad Today, Tech News Tonight, iFive for the iPhone, and The Social Hour. She ate a lot of peanut butter preztels.

In January 2015, Sarah joined TechCrunch as its first Executive Producer of Video.  She also wrote and hosted TechCrunch’s daily video show, “Crunch Report,” managed live productions at multiple TechCrunch Disrupt events, traveled a lot, and had an excellent time.

In March 2016, Sarah relocated back to Los Angeles to join Lionsgate Entertainment’s newest SVOD team as Vice President of Original Content for Comic-Con HQ. The changed landscape of the Hollywood industry has never been more apparent… it’s still a company town, but it’s also full of innovation, experiments, and people trying new things with video. Everything is mostly awesome.

Sarah now lives on a beach in LA with her overlords and some sand.


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