The Future of Interactive Video

09 Nov 2016

The Future of Interactive Video

New platforms and technologies have created novel opportunities for content creators to push the boundaries of media too quickly for traditional broadcasters to respond. Wide access to the tools of digital production enable more of us than ever to broadcast online and the rise of user-generated content, internet stardom, and fan and participatory cultures have forever changed the business of entertainment.

This case study will explore how emerging designers are developing novel approaches to storytelling in the age of digital distribution. From location-based documentaries built in partnership with indigenous communities to interactive live video performances streamed online our students are at the forefront of interactive storytelling experimentation.

Join us at the Digital Futures Case Study to see how we are exploring and creating the future…

  • How to stay ahead of the technology curve?
  • How can we create new digital experiences for live events?
  • What technologies can change the way we interact with digital content?
  • Can we merge physical and virtual space for more impactful stories?
  • How are independent developers leveraging new technologies?