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09 Nov 2016
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Better & Faster – How to Get Better at Adapting Your Content to Change & Faster at Finding New Marketing Opportunities

Trend Hunter CEO, New York Times Bestselling Author, and award-winning innovation expert, Jeremy Gutsche, will kick off nextMEDIA 2016.

With a $1 billion corporate track record, Jeremy is one of the most sought-after keynote speakers in the world. The Alberta native has consulted some of the biggest brands and businesses (Sony, NASA and IBM) on the planet with his action-oriented ideas and has been sourced by notable networks and publications like CNN, The New York Times and The Economist.

Jeremy launched Trend Hunter in 2005, and since then, the website has gone on to become a leading source for news in trends and innovation with approximately 60 million views per month and a contributing network of 180,000 members around the world.

Jeremy Gutsche

Marketing is the New Ad: Brands as Video Storytellers

With ad blocking being at an all time high (In 2015, ad blocking resulted in an estimated $21.8 billion in “blocked” revenue), a shrinking audience on traditional media, and stiff competition in new media (due to the abundance of content and platforms), brands must change their marketing strategies from “advertising” to educating, inspiring and storytelling in order to propel conversations and stay relevant. Whether through social media, mobile or movies, many marketers are devoting more resources to creative production in hopes of improving ad quality and engaging loyal audiences. Join four marketing executives from top brands to discuss the challenges and successes of video storytelling, and what the future holds for this art form.

  • How has video storytelling aided in delivering a more personalized, rather than a one-size-fits-all experience?
  • How are you measuring the success of video storytelling as opposed to traditional advertizing?
  • How are non-working costs affecting marketing budgets and distribution?
  • How have distribution models changed, and how can you tell which platforms are right for your brand?
  • What is the future of brands as video storytellers?


Florent Bayle-Laboure
Michelle Lea
Michael Bancroft
Jackie Poriadjian-Asch

Meeting Exchange

The renowned Face-to-Face meeting exchange provides nextMEDIA delegates with the opportunity to meet prospective partners or peers in the form of leading digital executives, producers, agencies and brands. Specifically designed to be 10 minute exchanges, the program has enabled countless one-on-one meetings and has led to some amazing business deals! In an ecosystem that thrives on connections, great digital content and expertise, connect with people, ideas and events that are of professional interest and maximize efficiencies! Book your exclusive meeting when we launch via Xchange.


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Live Streaming: Economics, Analytics, and Real-time Data

Now, more than ever, people want to be part of the moment. Whether it’s breaking news, a sporting event, or simply shared videos with friends, live streaming content is gaining more traction. While some consider it to be a fad, powerhouses such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube believe it’s here to stay.  Each is investing significant dollars into these technologies, which are getting more advanced and attracting millions of viewers.  Join us as we hear from top executives who are integrating live streaming into their digital strategies and are taking audience engagement to a new level.  We won’t simply talk content in this session, but instead we’ll dive into analytics, real-time data, and what it means for the economics of the live streamer.

  • What are the current challenges with the medium, and how will they be resolved?
  • Who is live streaming best for? Brands? Creators? Broadcasters?
  • How will new technology enhance live streaming?
  • How can you monetize live streaming? How will this evolve?
  • How do we analyze live streaming data?
Mike Lucero
Ken Volden
Jeremy Singer
David Hayes
Rory Capern

The Future of Interactive Video

New platforms and technologies have created novel opportunities for content creators to push the boundaries of media too quickly for traditional broadcasters to respond. Wide access to the tools of digital production enable more of us than ever to broadcast online and the rise of user-generated content, internet stardom, and fan and participatory cultures have forever changed the business of entertainment.

This case study will explore how emerging designers are developing novel approaches to storytelling in the age of digital distribution. From location-based documentaries built in partnership with indigenous communities to interactive live video performances streamed online our students are at the forefront of interactive storytelling experimentation.

Join us at the Digital Futures Case Study to see how we are exploring and creating the future…

  • How to stay ahead of the technology curve?
  • How can we create new digital experiences for live events?
  • What technologies can change the way we interact with digital content?
  • Can we merge physical and virtual space for more impactful stories?
  • How are independent developers leveraging new technologies?
Nick Puckett
Emma Westecott

Distribution Critical: How to Tailor Content for Specific Platforms & Audiences

Although quality content is a necessity, it’s not enough to guarantee an engaged audience. Whether it’s short-form or long-form video, your distribution strategy is critical.  This often means that each piece of content must be tailored, not only to the device and platform where it’s distributed, but to specific audiences and communities.  Join us as media leaders discuss the challenges with today’s distribution strategies and how they are working (and sometimes paying) to reach their target audiences.

  • How important is it to tailor content to specific platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc)?
  • Why does some content travel well within certain communities and some falls flat?
  • What are some success stories in terms of organic vs paid reach?
  • How important are influencers in your distribution strategy?
Eye On Canada
Marla Natoli
Greg Alleger
Rick Matthews
Richard Kanee


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Reinventing Storytelling with Short Form Content

Media  and brand companies are taking a strategic approach to creating bite-size content as an additional screen-based medium which addresses needs that were previously un-served- and they are killing it! Whether through a social presence on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube or specifically producing for mobile, short-form content has proven to be a remarkable way to connect content with an audience that desires an efficient and targeted form of entertainment, and has enabled companies to boost their reach. Hear from executives from top media and brand companies who are implementing short-form video as part of their digital content strategy.

  • Why are audiences resonating more and more with short-form content?
  • How is short-form content challenging the traditional distribution model?
  • What opportunities are there for content creators/producers when it comes to short-form  content?8
  •  What successes have you had with short-form content and why?
  • What is the future of short-form content?
Matt Santoro
Meredith Jacobson
Jocelyn Mercer
Andrew Quo
Jon Paul Piques

Show Me the Data: Measuring Success in the New Entertainment Economy

While the digital world has given us the chance to better understand human interaction, behaviour, and engagement, it has also provided us with a number of platforms with diverse data measurement tools that all claim to be the most effective way of tracking audience engagement. From clicks, likes, views, and shares; to eye tracking, TTR, and auto-play; engagement measurement takes many different forms.  With so many different measurement techniques at hand, how can we better use each tool to determine a return on our content investment?

  • What is the best way to measure engagement?
  • How do metrics differ on today’s top content platforms?
  • How can brands properly decide, using data, to split their budgets between digital and broadcast?
  • What are today’s content data scientists saying about the future of the entertainment economy?
Jumpwire Media
Jed Schneiderman
Jordan Christensen
Monique Duquette
Jon Taylor

Have You Ever Been Experienced? Immersive Experience Design in the Age of Mixed Reality

Immersion is not a property of technology it is a result of the experience. VR/AR/MR and the new technologies that are part of our ever-expanding tool box in the evolution of storytelling are not the immersion themselves it is how we use them and the worlds we create.  We will share some secrets from the front lines of emerging technology and storytelling.  Dive into principles for designing futures with one of the creators of the original Blair Witch project and founder of Campfire alongside the Innovations Director of SapientNitro.


Sapient Nitro
Mike Monello
Howard Goldkrand


Enjoy coffee and tea in the Atrium and take the opportunity to network and refocus.

Discoverability for a 2017 Audience: Boosting Content to Build Reach

It’s no secret that video is an important part of today’s strategic content conversations. More and more, marketers are using video to communicate their brand’s story; plus, they’re building relationships in the process with customers and audiences.  According to Cisco, by 2017 video will account for 69% of consumer internet traffic. However, given the abundance of video content available on the Internet, increasing organic discovery and reach is an ongoing (and difficult) challenge.  This challenge raises this question:  Should creators, producers, and brands pay to boost video content (and how much makes sense)? Join top executives as they share next-level video marketing insights and reveal how to budget for this new reality.  

  • How are you turning owned views into earned views?
  • What type of content should be boosted?
  • Which video metrics matter most?
  • What does engagement reveal about audience behaviour?
Sue Haas
Jes Watson
Joseph Barbieri

Making & Monetizing Streaming Content for a Global Audience: In Conversation with Twitch’s Mike Lucero

Twitch’s Global Director of Client Strategy will join us on stage at nextMEDIA for this closing Day 1 keynote to talk about the company’s global partnership strategy.  As a successful pioneer and and leader in next-gen entertainment products, Seattle-based Mike Lucero will share Twitch’s business strategy as the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers, video game culture, and the creative arts.  He will discuss how the company keeps its almost 10 million daily active users engaged, its 2 million unique streamers per month entertained, and its impressive 106 minutes watcher per person per day stat maintained.  While doing building this massive global community, Amazon-owned Twitch has raised more than 46 million dollars for charitable organizations.  

Mike Lucero
Amber Mac


Grab your badge from the registration booth and get your day started. Haven’t registered? Questions? Come and see us!


Start the day off right and join us in the Atrium for coffee and breakfast!

OPENING KEYNOTE: Dean Elkholy, Co-Founder & Chief Social Media Officer, Diply

Hear from a top Media Executive on the ever changing digital-media landscape.

Dean Elkholy

Content Without Borders: Programming for a Global Audience

Whether you are a brand, broadcaster, or creator, your number one goal is to get your product in front of a target audience.  With so many global social media and content distribution platforms, it’s easier than ever for viewers to find your work. However, audience likes, cultural sensitivities, language preferences, and legal boundaries also mean that it’s increasingly difficult to manage and strategize.  With this in mind, this session will include key players who understand how to program for a global audience, how to navigate these issues, and how to monetize this content.

  • How does the globalization of content affect us locally?
  • How can you ensure that content is culturally sensitive and within the legal boundaries?
  • Does a global audience make sense for your next content project?
  • What are today’s most significant global content success stories.
  • How much are creators, brands, and broadcasters willing to alter content to meet regional requirements?
Accessible Media
Marlon Palmer (ThatdudeMCFLY)
Aron Levitz
Jordan Bortolotti
Caressa Douglas

Blurred Lines: Best Practices for Disclosing Paid Content

As early as 2017, Influencers who promote brands and companies on Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and on their blogs will have to start disclosing “any material connection between the endorser, reviewer or influencer and the brand. While Advertising Standards Canada’s guidelines are considered quite late by some, this new rule is likely to change how Influencers are promoting sponsored content and how brands are disclosing working with influencers.  In this session, we’ll answer the following questions:

  • What are the official paid content disclosure rules?
  • How can brands, agencies, and influencers best work together to ensure transparency?
  • What are some of the consequences when guidelines aren’t followed?
  • What are some best practices for disclosing paid content?
Marc Dinsdale
Jake Gold
Janet Feasby
Casie Stewart
Amber Mac


Enjoy coffee and tea in the Atrium and take the opportunity to network and refocus.


The renowned Face-to-Face meeting exchange provides nextMEDIA delegates with the opportunity to meet prospective partners or peers in the form of leading digital executives, producers, agencies and brands. Specifically designed to be 10 minute exchanges, the program has enabled countless one-on-one meetings and has led to some amazing business deals! In an ecosystem that thrives on connections, great digital content and expertise, connect with people, ideas and events that are of professional interest and maximize efficiencies! Book your exclusive meeting today via .CONNECT.

Building a Strong Owned & Operated Brand in a Disruptive Media World

Each day, creators and organizations are developing engaging video content for social networks and distribution platforms.  Creating content to engage with an audience through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, and other platforms is incredibly powerful when the distribution platforms have an algorithm that favours a creator’s marketing strategy.  However, as history has shown, once the platform changes its algorithm, it puts the creator in a vulnerable situation.  Moreover, while a creator needs to be present on non-O&O platforms for audience reach, engagement, and conversion, they also need to maintain strategic control of their brand and message – and in some cases, steer their community toward an owned website.

  • How do you build out a strong O&O brand on a platform you don’t own or operate?
  • How do you create an O&O brand that is strong enough to sustain a loyal fan base that jumps from platform to platform?
  • How can a creator work with a social network or distribution platform to stay ahead of algorithmic changes?
  • Which creators are successfully driving social network or distribution platform traffic home?
Bob Cornwall
Connie Contardi
Justin Stockman
Nina Sudra
Abby Ho

THE SEARCH FOR CANADA’S NEXT DESIGNER: A Case Study for Multi-Platform Brand-Integrations

There are increasingly new and exciting opportunities in the cross-platform, content marketing space. Bell Media is taking that next step by producing its first-ever series, THE SEARCH FOR CANADA’S NEXT DESIGNER, with a show-wide, integrated partnership across its linear TV and digital platforms with IKEA and their agency Jungle Media. This partnership provides the perfect opportunity to deliver entertaining, platform specific programming, while showcasing IKEA’s line of products.  Join the executives and creators behind this unique integrated partnership as they discuss:

  •         How did the partnership come to be?
  •         How did TV show producers and digital content producers came together to develop a truly platform agnostic initiative?
  •         How will this new series fulfill IKEA’s goals and requirements?

·         What does the future hold for these cross-platform, content marketing opportunities?

Tommy Smythe
Courtney Rimar
Beth Maher
Alyson Walker
Michelle Crespi


Enjoy lunch in the Foyer and take the opportunity to network and refocus.

The Future of Audio: Exploring Creativity and Commerce in Podcasting

Podcast popularity has grown exponentially over the past decade. Though commonly associated with the sweeping success of NPR’s “Serial,” the proliferation of podcast content has been steadily increasing due to its agility across a variety of formats and genres: long-form interviews and news coverage, comedy and narrative storytelling, branded integration and educational programming, podcasts offer high quality, accessible, and unique content for listeners young and old. Though there is no shortage of available content, the real issue remains: How can podcasters thrive financially? This panel will delve into this any further questions facing both consumers and creators.

  • What revenue avenues can podcasters explore for success?
  • What niche formats seem to attract the most listeners?
  • Is a career in podcasting feasible for someone not associated with brands or existing platforms?
  • How can brands align organically with talent?
Hannah Sung
Bob Kane
Max Kerman
Steve Pratt

Behind the Partnership: Motrin’s #MakeItHappen Campaign

If you deconstruct many of today’s campaigns, you’ll see carefully crafted strategic content plans. While the video unicorns of years past were a combination of good timing and clever creative, we now live in a world where you need all that – and a whole lot more – to amplify your work.

Motrin partnered with UM /J3, Kin Community and Corus Entertainment to tap into Québecois star, fashion maven and influencer Maripier Morin of Pardon My French and star of the TV show ‘Hockey Wives’. The result: A truly 360 campaign to celebrate unstoppable women and increase brand consideration among Canadian women.

Combining a sponsorship of the show with a #MakeItHappen-themed video series on Maripier’s YouTube channel, the campaign reached its pinnacle during the ultimate celebration of unstoppable women: Mother’s Day. The campaign’s momentum led to unprecedented support from retail partners with Motrin exclusive flyers – a first for the brand-, as well as a 10% boost in baseline sales volume.

Hear from the talent and executives that spearheaded this unique 360 campaign and learn how a collaboration such as this could be extremely beneficial to your business.

Maripier Morin
Natacha Leduc
Katherine E. Fera
Ashley Riske
Lynn Chambers

CLOSING KEYNOTE: Lionsgate’s Sarah Lane

nextMEDIA 2016 is honoured to welcome Lionsgate Entertainment’s Sarah Lane as one of this year’s featured Keynote Speakers!

Following a notable career at TechCrunch as its first Executive Producer of Video and writer and host of the “Crunch Report,” Sarah joined Lionsgate’s SVOD team in March as the Vice President of Original Content for Comic-Con HQ.

Lionsgate has been a consistent force in a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape since its inception in 1997, generating the seventh-highest gross revenue across North America just last year.

We are thrilled to have Sarah in attendance!

Eye On Canada
Sarah Lane

Digi Awards Reception & Purple Carpet Gala

Join us as we kick off the evening’s celebrations at the 2016 Digi Awards Reception. Mingle with nominees, presenters and guests over cocktails as we prepare for the hottest digital media awards show of the year. Don’t forget to take a walk down the purple carpet to meet our host Brigitte Troung!

At this party there may be elderly people and they may need a means of potency. These tools are available on the website

Corus Entertainment
Kin Community
Brigitte Truong

Digi Awards Registration

Sign in and join the crowd, the party’s just getting starting!

Digi Awards

Cap nextMEDIA off with the biggest digital celebration there is: The Digi Awards! Join us as we recognize all the finalists in digital content and marketing and honour those who have made great contributions to the industry. Find out who will take home a Digi Award trophy and be considered among the best in their field!
Lauren Toyota


Join us upstairs at the Weston Harbour for cocktails on behalf of our partners at Much Digital Studios

Much Digital Studios